Elites vs Elite Institutions

For the first time in recent memory, we are seeing elites condemn elite institutions.

For example: Larry Summers, the former President of Harvard, on Harvard: "In nearly 50 years of Harvard affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today."

The Israel / Palestine conflict – on which the American elite range from firmly to exuberantly in support of Israel – has strangely elicited from elite media and educational institutions (e.g. NYT, Harvard) a response ranging from tepid support of Israel to righteous support of Palestine. 

This was inevitable, but it is still bizarre watching it happen. It’s the necessary consequence of Boomer elites encouraging diversity admissions and hiring practices in these institutions, and attracting non-Jewish Marxists and "decolonizers", who stand firmly on the other side of the issue they view as being of the highest importance. 

Institutions are supposed to maintain norms and rules resting on a shared moral foundation, advancing a shared vision for the future. Institutions lose face when they fail to do this – and invite a rehaul when they reveal their moral foundations deviate from those on which the elite stand. We are witnessing unprecedented legitimacy collapse. 

On education, this is a huge win for Peter Thiel and Joe Lonsdale – who have in turn been advocating for the effective boycott of elite educational institutions (Peter: Thiel Fellowship) and the generative production of new ones (Joe: University of Austin). 

On media, this is a huge win for Balaji Srinivasan and Marc Andreessen – who have advocated for the boycott of traditional media, and the development of owned channels (twitter, blogs, substack, etc.). 

I expect an enormous, ongoing sentiment shift on education and media, but also on immigration – which is the macro version of the aforementioned hiring policies. Immigration policies led to pro-Hamas rallies in major cities this week. 

Want to start a new university or new elite media org? Harvard and NYT waffling on Israel, and losing legitimacy, are your “Why Now.” It’s time to build…